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A lesson plan with aims and objectives which have been appropriately mapped

This is a two part assignment. I

Part 1: Develop the lesson plan submitted for assignment 1 into a mini curricula.
You must submit:
• A lesson plan with aims and objectives which have been appropriately mapped
• Supporting materials: including lecture slides, a plan for the practical session and any required resources/ paper-based teaching aids
• You must have a plan which integrates an alternative approach to teaching anatomy and some use of cadaveric material
• Assessment materials: you must create 5 x MCQ, 2 X EMQ, 1 X SAQ based on your topic. An assessment blueprint for these questions which maps them to your learning outcomes must be included – a table format will work best for this. You should include a statement on standard setting levels and suggestions for how students will receive feedback on your session and assessments.
• An evaluation: you must create an evaluation for both the lecture and practical.

Part 2: Reflective portfolio
The second part of this assignment is to write a 1500 word reflection on your experience of observing and participating in the teaching of anatomy, including a statement of your teaching philosophy. We suggest a breakdown of 1000 words for the reflection and 500 for the philosophy – this is merely a suggestion!

In this part of the assignment you will need to draw upon your experience of the lectures and practical classes which you observed, as well as the experience and feedback you gained in the small and large group teaching sessions which you participated in.
• You should consider your experience as a teacher and a learner over the course of the academic year.
• The reflection should be linked to the literature and appropriate learning theories
• There must be a minimum of 10 references
• You should include a table in the appendix of all the sessions you observed and taught in (date, session type, student cohort etc)
You may also include all the observation forms


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