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ADHD in children

ADHD in children
Four Page Research Paper: (200 points total)

The writing assignment will be three to four pages long in content (content does not include title pages, reference page, pictures and other filler).

You will be given a structure to write this assignment. It is not a complete essay. You are to write just the information gathering section of an academic paper. This is the research section of a research paper. Each of these steps is building a single paper with multiple opportunities for constructive feedback. Steps to the writing assignment with the grade values are as follows:

1) Reference Page with five good sources (20 points)
2) First page rough draft with reference page and citations (30 points)
3) Four page rough draft with reference page and citations (50 points)
4) Edited and Final Draft with reference page and citations (100 points)

Students may use any 12 point font as long as it is readable and within accepted margins. The paper will be assigned in a way that allows the student to demonstrate knowledge from a particular section and/or chapter of the book.
Students are required to use the theory, concepts, terms and language of a particular chapter and apply the information in the selected chapter to a particular subject matter. (This sounds a lot harder than it is.) There will be instructions posted on blackboard that will detail the requirements for each step of the paper.

The writing assignment in Psychology 101 will be discussed multiple times during lecture. A question and answer period will be held on writing these papers during class.

Students must use APA (American Psychological Association) format for papers.
Papers must be submitted using Blackboard. Papers submitted in other ways are not guaranteed to be accepted and will be accepted only at the discretion of the instructor.

Late papers are only accepted at the discretion of the instructor and are not guaranteed to be accepted at any point after the due date. Late papers will have late penalties applied to the score. No papers will be accepted after the final exam date and time.


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