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all the requirements is there please follow carefully

Menu Item Selection and Menu Design (Approx. 1,000 words plus recipes and menu)

  • Select a menu type that supports your concept.Describe your rational for choosing this type of menu, and it’s layout and design characteristics.
  • Choose appropriate menu items for your concept.(Select three appetizers options, three main course options, and three desert options.You will also need to develop an appropriate beverage list, alcoholic or not, depending on your concept.)
  • Provide the rational for your menu item selection.How do they work together to support your concept.
  • Create effective menu item descriptions.Describe why these are effective.
  • Describe your pricing strategy and method for determining menu pricing.
  • Create a standard recipe for one item in each of the categories.The standard recipe needs to be appropriately costed should reflect all aspects of a standard recipe including major equipment requirements.Us grocery store costs with appropriate wholesale discounts applied (to be provided).
  • Describe the factors you considered in your menu design and layout.How do these factors support your overall concept and create an effective sales tool? consider the menu from this web


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