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analyse and discuss the legislation, ethical principles, guidelines, policies and codes of practice, which govern nursing within the UK.

Please check this file “Case_Study-Care_of_A_Patient_With_Stroke__Final_.doc” you need to use this as a format, the sample, needs to be exact format.

This is the data “Case_presentation_on_TBI_part_2.pptx” to be provided on the first file, this should be the content. But on the tabular form, we need you to completely paraphrase it.

Msg me for clarification.

Part 1 Care Study
Kindly use the matter related to the patient chosen for case study. and please discuss the care given demonstrating evidence of the nursing process (assessment and nursing diagnosis, plan of care, delivery of care and evaluation). the care plan (in tabular form in the powerpoint presentation) has to be rephrased

Part 2 Essay
Discussion of how social and healthcare policies impacted on the care plan submitted for the chosen patient care study.

This assignment is a case study for a patient who suffered traumatic brain injury and is now in a rehab ward. this assignment’s first half of 1500 words shall cover the care plan for the patient and the second half is an essay on the laws affecting the individual (patient) whilst they are in healthcare. I will provide with a sample and the care plan that I made which has to be paraphrased and included in the assignment with latest research references.

The learning outcomes to be met by this assignment are as follows:

1. Critically analyse and discuss the legislation, ethical principles, guidelines, policies and codes of practice, which govern nursing within the UK.

2. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the practitioner’s role as a health promoter to both patients/clients and colleagues, as well as working as an effective member of the health care team.

3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the factors within the health environment, which relate to the safety of patients/clients, their families, the wider community, colleagues and the measures that can be taken to reduce risks.

4. Competently assess, plan, implement and evaluate individualised patient/client care, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of appropriate nursing theory and evidence based practice.

5. Critically review issues surrounding documentation, confidentiality, records and record keeping.

6. Utilise skills of reflection to enhance and develop clinical knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients/client care and discuss suggestions for improvements in the quality of the care they give and support the rationale for their suggestions.

7. Evaluate the application of quality assurance practices and clinical governance in the healthcare environment.

8. Demonstrate and reflect on own ability to work safely and effectively in clinical practice.

9. Critically discuss the structure and relationships of caring organisations in the UK.

10. Demonstrate a critical awareness of cultural, linguistic and religious issues as relevant to nursing practice in the UK.


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