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Analyze one of your habits and discuss which people influenced the adoption of this habit?

Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation analyzing the formation of habits using behavioral and social-cognitive approaches. Your presentation should cover the following areas: INTRO & CONCLUSION REQUIRED!

· Analyze one of your habits. (Stress over anything & everything)How did you develop this habit? Were there role models for this habit?(MOTHER) Which people influenced the adoption of this habit?

· Why do you continue it? Has there been a time when you have attempted to break this habit? (YES BUT STILL STRESSED OUT No matter how hard I tried)

· Use the behavioral personality theory to explain why you have this habit.

· Describe components of social-cognitive theory that explain why the habit formed.

· Develop a plan that applies operant conditioning to change this habit.

· Between the behavioral and social-cognitive theories, which one do you find best explains your personality?


Include detailed speaker notes on each slide, along with title and reference slides.

Provide 3 to 4 references


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