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Are people who live in countries where tigers are native less likely to keep them as pets?

PAPER / RESEARCH PROPOSAL (will be covered in more detail in class) • For this paper you will propose a research project to study some aspect of human – animal interactions taking a perspective from one of the following disciplines: sociology, economics, political science, psychology, criminal justice, social work, or communications (the study must involve humans – it cannot be strictly on animal behavior). • NOTE: You are only writing a proposal – you do not have to conduct the actual study! • Your paper will be 10-15 double spaced numbered pages, Times-Roman 12 point font, one inch margins, and stapled together (no clips, folders, or plastic covers • Your paper should include the following six sections with BOLDED section headings:  1 page: Overview o A research question that should be clearly stated (as a question!) and bolded. o A brief discussion on why you think this is an important question o What is the social science discipline you’re focusing on and why you think that is the best framework to consider your question  1-2 pages: Methods o A discussion of which research methodology you would use to collect your data o Why you think that would be the best way to collect data to answer your research question. o How you would recruit subjects. For example, if you were conducting a study on zoos (a topic you CANNOT use) you may say you would:  interview all of the directors of AZA accredited zoos in the U.S.  have the first 50 people, who were at least 13 years old, that were entering the Columbus Zoo on a given date complete your survey.  prepare an email letter, with a link to an online survey, that would be sent to all members of the Toledo Zoo  invite teachers K-12 to participate in focus groups on how they use the Cleveland Zoo, or resources from the zoo, in teaching their students  4-7 pages: Literature Review o Should include 7-10 sources with a minimum of 6 peer reviewed journal articles. Please note: one of the most consistent reasons for points being deducted is for doing an Annotated Bibliography instead of a Lit Review. There are guides to Lit Reviews, as well as a sample Lit Review (though you can skip the running head!), on Isidore.  1-2 pages: Challenges o What are potential problems or challenges you may run into if you were to conduct this research o You can include ethical issues, subject recruitment, etc.  1 page: Role of Theory o This will be a generic discussion of the role that theory plays in research (it will have nothing to do with your topic) o In addition to class discussions, the role of theory in research is covered in the pdf of powerpoints, and some of the readings, for exam #1 o You should think of this part of your proposal as addressing the 4th learning objectives on page one of the syllabus.  1-2 pages: Future Research o Pick two of the following four categories: Race, Gender, Social Class, and Location (where you live – for example, suburban, urban, rural) and in 1-2 paragraphs for each category address the following  Identify a research question that connects how the category may influence your topic in general (you should also bold the text of the research question). • For example, if the overall topic is exotic pets and the category is Location, you could ask: Are people who live in countries where tigers are native less likely to keep them as pets?  In a paragraph explain what you think the answer may be and why. •


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