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Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing;

In this section, you will:
Create a 750- to 1000-word case study of a real (either yourself or a willing adult volunteer) who has developed the competencies of their academic program . (Listed Below)
Evaluate your learning within the program as it contributes to the overall attainment of the institutional outcomes. (Listed below)
Include at least one personal life example and one career example of applying the competencies to resolve personal challenges and an ethical dilemma (e.g., a client or research subject reveals compromising information about a friend or family member who also happens to be someone you know in a personal/social context).
Create or describe a scenario in which you wrestles with an issue related to the assigned research topic in her or his personal and/or professional life. Be specific in your discussion of the scenario and provide details demonstrating professional problem solving on the part of the person in your case study.
Include a section wherein you articulate a personal point of view, evaluate evidence, determine options for responding and evaluate the pros and cons of the options prior to making a decision about a course of action within the scenario.
Conclude with how the problem was resolved and what you person learned that assisted in an effective resolution.

Ashford University Institutional Outcomes
Demonstrate the ability to read and think critically and creatively;
Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing;
Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively through the use of technology;
Demonstrate an understanding of the various forms of diversity;
Demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence among living beings, the environment and humanly-created systems;
Demonstrate competence in their major fields of study;
Demonstrate an understanding of service directed at meeting the needs of others;
Demonstrate the ability to draw information from different fields of study to make informed decisions; and
Develop skills and abilities that provide for lifelong learning.

BA in Psychology Program Outcomes
Psychology major graduates will be able to:
Demonstrate breadth of psychological knowledge;
Analyze information and data with scientific thinking;
Defend ethics, social justice, and diversity;
Illustrate professional communication skills and;
Apply professional skills to career planning and success.


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