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Describe the role of the pediatric nurse in the assessment and management of pain

1. Find a qualitative nursing research study. (Article)
2. Read the article. (Attach article to Paper)
3. Compare the article to quantitative articles you have read.
4. Identify similarities and differences.
5.What are the components of the qualitative process? (Refer to page 135-136 of text book.) NURSING RESEARCH Methods and Critical Appraisal for Evidence-Based Practice 8th Edition Geri LoBiondo- Wood.
6. Which type of study do you prefer to read? Why do you like it?
Scholarly Paper: Pediatric Acute Pain
Project description
Learn about pediatric pain.
Identify appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies.
Compare and evaluate theory versus practice in the clinical setting.
Recognize the importance of pain control.
Use critical thinking to discuss an important nursing topic.
Illustrate an understanding of the topic.
Become acquainted with relevant nursing journals.
Scholarly Paper Expectations
Define acute pain and its significance (i.e. explain why the topic is
Describe the type of acute pain encountered and treated in the clinical area
(i.e. postoperative pain procedural pain and others).
Discuss current research on pediatric acute pain. Investigate and discuss
pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies appropriate for this type of
acute pain.
Compare how theory and practice differ and describe what appropriate pain
control should include.
Discuss what factors impact the clinical unit practices.
Describe and discuss what written policy and procedures should be available
in the clinical area.
Describe the role of the pediatric nurse in the assessment and management
of pain.
Address two feasible recommendations you have to alter and improve
current practice in pediatric nursing.
Include references from a minimum of 10 journal articles (articles should
have been published within the last 5 years); 50% of the articles must be
from peer reviewed nursing sources. Textbook and online resources should
be used minimally.


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