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Discuss the role and responsibilities of Nursing Administrators.

Upon completion of Module 1, the student will be able to

Discuss the role and responsibilities of Nursing Administrators.
Discuss the administrators’/ Managers’ role in planning and decision making within the organization.
Meet course objective of describing professional nursing standards that influence management practice and the role of nurse managers.

Benjamin Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”. During this module we will explore how managers get things done through and with others. However, we cannot move very far along the continuum towards the successful completion of our goals unless steps are taken to thoughtfully assess the situation and decide among the available alternatives what would be the best course of action.

Libler and McConnell(2017) at the beginning of Chapter five state “Planning is the process of deciding in the present what to do to bring about an outcome in the future” (p. 125). So, what happens when Managers fail to plan, when problems are not identified and meaningful strategies are not developed? What is the impact on productivity, staff morale and trust?

Writing Assignment:

Write a post about your own experiences in relation to the QUESTIONS below as follows and how things might have been done differently. Use references from the literature to support your ideas

Questions to be discussed:

What kind of health care role are you currently occupying?
(I am registered nurse working as a patient care facilitator in an Oncology Unit)

What do you hope to gain from this course?
(Course Description: This course focuses on theories and principles of leadership, administration, and management for mid-level managers in supervision and administration. Social changes and trends are discussed in relationship to quality care needs in acute, rehabilitative and primary care health care agencies in both urban and rural settings. Students formulate a philosophy for administrative practice consistent with standards in nursing, education, and research).

If you were the King or Queen of all of healthcare management, what would you change and why?


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