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Identify the four types of nontraditional families. Select one type of a nontraditional family and discuss if this family structure will affect the children’s psychological health.

The four types of nontraditional families are: single parents, gay and lesbian parents, adoptive parents, and grandparents as parents. Overall, these types of families will not have a significant impact on a child’s psychological health; instead, a child’s mental health is impacted by how family members interact. Take for example grandparents as parents. Older grandparents tend to be more strict and take on a traditional parenting role than younger grandparents who seek to have fun with the child. Studies have shown that when children have an involved grandparent, the child’s mental state increases in the terms of better school participation and grades. Reading levels have also been shown to improve (Holden, 2009).

Holden, G. (2009). Parenting: A Dynamic Perspective. Retrieved from


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