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Explain the desired outcome(s) or goal(s) for improvement related to the health concern. Overall goal to improve health concern.

Write a narrative description of your field project by doing the following:
1. Assessment
Describe the community where your fieldwork by identifying esch of the following items:
� geographical area (e.g.,county)
� area size
� population size
� demographics
2. Discuss the health concern you studied in your fieldwork. Obesity in Salt Lake County � Detailed description
a. Provide background information in relation to Healthy People 2020 and local public health data that characterizes the health concern.
b. Provide data from national, state, and/or local levels related to the health concern,
Describe the target population affected by the health concern you studied in your fieldwork, including each of the following components:
� gender
� age
� demographics, including socioeconomic status and educational level
Need data. What specific population that you plan to reach out to in action plan. Health Disparity (Stan-Hope)
a. Explain how the health concern is linked to a health inequity/health disparity for the population of interest.
i. Provide specific data to support the health inequity/disparity conclusion.
3. Discuss the primary community resources and partners currently involved with the health concern.
a. Describe how your fieldwork interviews support your chosen health concern, including a summary of the interviews. Describe fieldwork. (Longest Portion)
4. Discuss aspects of the population health concern not being addressed despite the efforts of the partners involved. Based on interviews, what are the system level gaps? Why is it still a problem?

B. Outcomes Identification
1. Explain the desired outcome(s) or goal(s) for improvement related to the health concern. Overall goal to improve health concern. Make sure it is in line with the national standard.

Note: This outcome or goal should be in alignment with Healthy People 2020 objective.

C. Planning
1. Create a nursing action plan to address the identified population health concern.
a. Recommend two population-focused specific objectives. (mini goals)

Note: The recommended objectives should be measurable ones.

b. Recommend two population-focused specific nursing interventions to improve the health concern. What is needed to reach each objective? Change within the community.

Note: Use the attached �Minnesota Intervention Wheel� as an aid in selecting the broad areas for nursing action. Select primary and secondary prevention activities only. For example, explain how you and other nurses might work with the community and your chosen target population of interest to improve the health concern. (File Attached)

2. Discuss potential public and private partnerships from your field experience that could be formed to implement your recommendations from parts C1a and C1b. Various organizations and key leaders and what they bring to the table

3. Create a specific timeline for your population-focused nursing interventions.

D. Evaluation
1. Explain how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the nursing action plan created in part C
a. Identify the measurable tools necessary to perform the evaluation. Must be measurable. (ie. Survey, BMI, etc.)

F. Conclusion
1. Reflect on how your perspective of the community�s health and the national, state, and local efforts toward a healthier population has changed as a result of your fieldwork.

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