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Explain the purpose and importance of the scientific method in social science research.

BEHS210 – Mid-Term Exam

Instructions: This Mid-Term exam is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the material covered in the course thus far and your ability to apply this knowledge. You can earn up to 25 points on this exam.

You must use the APA format to cite and reference your answers, where appropriate.

Due Date: This Mid-Term exam is due no later than 11:59pm, EST, Sept 13th. No late exams will be accepted – no exceptions!

1) Explain the purpose and importance of the scientific method in social science research. (Up to 4 pts; maximum 1 paragraph)

2) In your own words, explain the major points Dr. E conveyed in her week #1 lecture and provide an example of when you DID NOT engage in critical thinking and the consequences of not doing so. (Up to 7 pts; maximum 2 paragraphs)

3) Discuss the goals of interdisciplinary study in social science and why interdisciplinary study is important. (Up to 8 pts; maximum 2 paragraphs)

4) Choose either the concept of cultural relativism OR cultural materialism. Define, and then provide an example of this concept that is NOT provided in the reading. Next, explain how this theory can help you better understand your own culture. (Up to 6 pts; maximum 3 paragraphs)

This is an example of not engaging in critical thinking and my consequence was not getting many points 3/5 or 60%

To me social science interdisciplinary analysis is the study of multiple social sciences (Psychology, Gerontology, Biology, Political Science, Economics Anthropology, and Sociology) and using two or more of these disciplines and their concepts and theories and blend them together to create an informed statement or opinion.

The news article I found to show social science interdisciplinary analysis was a research article on how single grandparents are given custody of their grandchildren and what effect it may cause to them as an aging adult. This is an example because it blends and analyzes several social science disciplines. Gerontology, psychology and sociology.

Concept of Cultural materialism mentioned in the book were.

Cultural RelativismFranz Boas, a pioneer of modern anthropology in the early twentieth century, promoted the idea of cultural relativism, stating that an anthropologist cannot compare two cultures because each culture has its own internal rules that must be accepted. Everyone sees other cultures through the lens of their own culture. For example, if you were born and raised in the United States, you might view Canada differently than if you were born and raised in Canada. Boaz urged anthropologists to understand cultures on their own terms and avoid snap judgments about other practices. Cultural relativism was a response to cultural evolutionism (the theory that all cultures evolve from “savage” to “barbarian” to “civilized”), which assumed an ethnocentric view that nineteenth-century European culture was superior to all others


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