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Explain what you would measure to show that your intervention is working.

For the final assignment, Milestone 3: Intervention and Evaluation, you will create a PowerPoint. This PowerPoint outlines your intervention and evaluation plan and could be presented to community leaders in hopes of gaining their support to carry out this intervention.3. Be sure to follow the guidelines carefully, and identify your role in this intervention, such as the school nurse, public health nurse, or other community nursing role.4. Begin by introducing the, and provide data that shows why this is concerning in your area. You can use some of the most important data from Milestone 2.Discuss your proposed nursing intervention, including all the points required on the guidelines. Be sure this is something a community health nurse would typically address. This section covers the who, what, how, and where of your intervention. You also need to discuss whether this is primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention.Next, justify why this intervention is important. Discuss information from two scholarly journal articlesthat support this rationale. Cite these references on the slide with author and date, and then include the complete reference on the reference slide.5. In the next section, discuss how you would evaluate this intervention to see if it worked. This section is worth 70 points, so don’t skimp here. Explain what you would measure to show that your intervention is working. Include how and when you would measure these items. Then discuss the short and long term impact of your intervention if it was successful.On a summary slide, review your problem and the intervention, and thank your audience for their support.Finally, include a reference slide with the full references of any sources you cited within the PowerPoint.Remember, PowerPoints should have short bullet phrases, not long sentence or paragraphs. You can add more detail in the speaker notes at the bottom of each slide if necessary, for clarification. Use an interesting colored template, and include graphics, such as clip art or pictures to add interest..

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