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Future of nursing PowerPoint presentation

Future of nursing PowerPoint presentation
Format: Students will prepare and post a PowerPoint presentation, with speaking notes underneath slide and references applying APA format and style. The length of the presentation shall not exceed 20 slides (typical for 20-minute presentation). Cite sources on slides AND notes, and include references on final slide. In addition, submit a Reference list in APA format in a WORD document to the drop box.

Content Outline:

IOM Recommendation – Increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020.
Present a description of IOM Recommendation
Describe the justification for this recommendation (why it is important, citing the research that supports the recommendation).
Summary of current, related research
Summarize two recent (within 5 years) peer-reviewed research journal articles that focus on a concept or circumstance related to the recommendation (or topic area).
Identify the definition of the concept/circumstance studied in the research article.
Identify the setting in which the concept/circumstance was studied.
iii. Describe the study findings related to the concept/circumstance.

Progress in achieving IOM goal
Present the current status of progress in achieving the recommendation. Provide data for state and/or region. Include graphs or tables if available for the data.
Present at least two examples of innovative programs or initiatives that have led to progress in achieving the recommendation.
Present the role of the professional nurse in achieving this recommendation. What action can nurses do to shape the future of nursing?
APA and scholarly writing
Submit a minimum of 5 references – no more than 2 textbooks.
Cite sources within slides; list references on final slide, and submit separate WORD document with References listed (in APA format).


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