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Harmful effects of drinking, roles of nurse in community

Harmful effects of drinking, roles of nurse in community
Assignment Brief
Module Title:
Adult Community Nursing: Public Health in Action Module Code: AN521-17S1
Assignment No/Title: Coursework (CW1) : Report 1500 words Assessment Weighting: 70%
Submission Date:
Module Leader
Please Specify: BSc

Submission Instructions:

This assignment is to be submitted electronically on before 14:00 via Turnitin in Blackboard

1. This assignment must be submitted electronically before 14.00 on the submission date

2. To submit electronically you must upload your work to the e-submission area within the Blackboard module concerned. Click Submit> Browse (find the correct file to upload) Upload> Submit

3. You can resubmit your work as many times as you like until the deadline. If you choose to resubmit, your earlier submission will be replaced, and you will NOT receive an Originality Report until 24 hours from when the submission was made.

4. You will receive a digital receipt as proof of submission. This will be sent to your Bucks e-mail address; please keep this for reference.

5. You are reminded of the University’s regulations on cheating, plagiarism and self plagiarism. In submitting your assignment you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these regulations.

6. Late submission within 10 working days of the deadline will result in the mark being capped at a maximum of 40%. Beyond this time the work will not be marked.

7. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to keep an electronic copy of your assignment for future reference.

Instructions to Students:

• This is an individual assignment.

• The assignment should be presented in report format. A report is a systematic, well organised document which defines and analyses a subject or problem.

• Unlike essays, reports are written in sections with headings and sub-headings. The structure you are expected to use is presented in “The Assignment Task”.

• Your submitted work must be presented in size 12, Arial font with 1.5 line spacing. Each page must be numbered.

• You should avoid use of the 1st and 2nd person. Use passive voice instead and write in an appropriately formal academic style, avoiding contractions (e.g., don’t, won’t, etc.) and informal or spoken forms of language.

• The word count for this assignment is 1500 words; please note the University guidelines which stipulate that you may submit 10% over or under this word count. The title page and the reference list are not included in the word count.

• You are expected to reference your sources according to “Cite them right” and provide a reference list. For a 1500 word count you are required to reference approximately 15 sources.

• Be sure not to identify any individual or organisation directly or by implication in your work (NMC, 2015). Equally, unless crucial to the argument and/or where the information is already in the public domain, refer to organisations only in the most general terms, e.g., an NHS trust.

This assignment tests the following Learning Outcomes for the module:

LO2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the roles of community practitioners and their roles and responsibilities in promoting health and protecting adults at risk. (Harmful drinking)

LO3. Analyse local and national health data in order to identify health needs and priorities of a defined adult population/community.

LO4. Critically evaluate theories and ethical principles of health promotion and their application to collaborative public health interventions and evidence based practice.

The Assignment Task:

Summative Assignment Report.

The purpose of this Summative Assessment is for you to write a report in which you discuss and critically evaluate the findings from your summative group presentation on your chosen public health subject.

You are expected to use the following structure as guidance for completing the report. You may use headings/sub-headings:

– Title page. Elements included :

– Your student number and cohort.
– Module code and name.
– The actual word count.
– The submission date.
– Your seminar leader and module leader’s names.

– Summary (Aprox. 250 words*) Briefly outlining what the report contains. The summary should not comprise any abbreviations or references.

– Introduction (Aprox. 300 words*) A brief explanation of your chosen public health subject, the aim of the report.

– Main body (Aprox. 700 words*) This part of the report can include headings/sub-headings. Within this section you are expected to:

– Critically evaluate the roles of community practitioners and their responsibilities in promoting health and protecting adults at risk as per LO2

– Analyse local and national health data in order to identify health needs and priorities of a defined adult population/community (as per LO3) and critically evaluate the effectiveness and application of the public health interventions you have identified

– Identify a health promotion model or/and a health promotion framework and discuss how it can be applied within this context as per LO4

– Conclusion and recommendations (Aprox. 250 words*) Summary of key points, providing suggestions

– References

*The word count is indicative.

Assessment Criteria:
It will be marked according to the level 5 university marking grid. A copy of the marking grid can be found in the Assignment Folder in AN521-17S1 Blackboard shell

Referral Information:
1. Yoaur mark for this piece of course work will be confirmed at the Assessment Board. If you are referred, you will be given a date by the Assessment Board to resubmit your work. This will be your 1st referral attempt.
2. The mark for 1st referral work will be confirmed at the Assessment Board. You may be given a 2nd (final) referral attempt following this Assessment Board, submission date to be confirmed.
Please note: You are strongly advised to seek referral support from the module team.
Could you please also use/ include these source: NMC CODE 2015, WHO(World Health Organization), NICE(The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence ), 3 or more NURSING JOURNAL and recent credible books. in total 15 or more sources.


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