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How could the career planning process help you to be successful in an advanced nurse role?

In this unit you will learn about the importance of creating a career plan for yourself. Nursing is a universal profession which touches human life from conception to death in so many ways. The nursing shortage has received a great deal of interest by the nation in response to concerns about safe and effective healthcare delivery. Too few registered nurses are moving into graduate education despite the need for advanced practice nurse practitioners researchers educators administrators and so on. (But you all are YEAH HOO!!)
1. Discussion Boards Please make sure that your discussion board initial answer is submitted to BOTH boards by Saturday at 11:59pm EST.
2. For your week 4 journal you will need to discuss:
Refer to the Institute of Medicine: Future of Nursing Report (2010) regarding professional nursing practice and the elimination of barriers for all professionals. Reference: Write about what you think about the report as this has not been clarified too well in the journal assignment
3. Finally you have an assignment due this week on day 7 in which you must complete the Curriculum Vitae Assignment. There is a template for you to use for your CV in the Unit 4 assignment tab
Have a wonderful week and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns
Topic >1
Using Donner and Wheelers (2004) or McNeese-Smiths (2000) career stage descriptions explain the following:
At which stage is your career?
In what ways might knowing the stage of your career influence your personal career development plan?
How could the career planning process help you to be successful in an advanced nurse role?
Are there disadvantages to having a detailed career development plan?
What are some advantages to planning your career as opposed to not having a specific plan for achieving your goals?
Nurses enter their career with ideals of service and a desire to improve the lives and health of patients (McNeese-Smith 2000 p. 140).
1. At what stage is your career?
I believe my career is at a stage 4 as described by Donner ( 2001). Donner explains how our career is a process that over time becomes part of a nurses repertoire of skills and experiences and enables the nurse to develop as a professional and achieve the objective he or she has met (Donner Donner G.J. & Wheeler 2001 p. 81).


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