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Human Development and Personality

Title: Week 7 Module Integrative Portfolio

Integrative Portfolio is a composite of the assignments produced for the course Weeks 1 through 6 Module Reports and ends with two summary pages describing the student’s top 3 specialty areas of interest at the time of portfolio submission and identified action steps needed for continued researching of those areas, successful degree completion and post-graduation plans.

This portfolio is a compilation of evidence of your learning. You must summarize your information from the past six weeks, not cut and paste from your earlier submitted reports. Your focus should be on how all of this information impacts YOUR interests and plans for your academic future.

Week 1 Model Report: Human Development and Personality

Week 2 Model Report: Biopsychology and Perception

Week 3 Model Report: Learning/Memory and Psychopathology/Disorders

Week 4 Module Report: Self-assessment and Education Planning

Week 5 Module Report: Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Social Psychology

Week 6 Module Report: Experimental Psychology and Forensic Psychology


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