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Identify personal leadership style

Leadership is such an important aspect of nursing. In this course, we considered various aspects of nursing that require strong, knowledgeable, flexible and compassionate leaders. While many nurses do not set out to be the “leader” on their floor, unit or facility, nurses must be the “leader” in sometimes even the smallest tasks or situations. This leadership paper is a discussion of those basic leadership principles.

The Leadership Paper will discuss the pros and cons of your personal leadership style, comparing and contrasting characteristics of nursing theorists with leadership theorists. You will discuss leadership across developmental levels and community settings, and utilize evidence based practice and research to support various approaches to leadership. This paper should be approximately 8 to 10 pages with 4-6 references, and utilize APA format.

Make sure to view this assignment’s rubric for a detailed grading breakdown; as per this rubric, you are expected to:

• Identify personal leadership style
• Include examples of implementation of personal leadership style
• Identify one other leadership style and compare characteristics of that leadership style with your personal style
• Discuss the optimal setting for the effective implementation of the personal leadership style
• Compare the personal leadership characteristics with a nursing theorist
• Discuss the weakness of your personal leadership style and discuss how those weakness can be changed into strengths
• Discuss the application of leadership theory to staff members with varying levels of experience and age gaps
• Discuss the flow of leadership from positions of power in the work setting out into the community or vice-versa
• Discuss one evidence-based practice article concerning leadership
• Discuss how leadership influences change and change theory
• Discuss how leadership influences quality improvement in the work place
• Discuss how leadership manages conflict and conflict resolution

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