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identify the structures that drains the stomach, pancreas, and spleen to the liver for detoxification

1. Compare and contrasts the anatomy and physiology of blood vessels: arteries, veins and capillaries. Why are these differences significant in the overall function of the circulatory system? Please be specific.
2. Provide several examples of factors that cause increases or decreases in peripheral resistance and discuss their effect on overall arterial blood pressure.

Lymphatic and Immune Systems
Utilizing knowledge from your learning and assigned readings, respond to the following questions:
1. Describe and define the differences between the lymphatic system and immunity.
2. How do the innate and adaptive immune systems differ in their responses to foreign substances? Provide examples of each system.

1. Briefly identify and discuss the anatomical and structural differences between arteries and veins.
2. Briefly identify and discuss differences between blood and lymphatic vessels.
3. View the anatomical models Figure 32.3,Figure 32.4,Figure 32.8,Figure 32.10,Figure 32.13,and Figure 35.1 (a)from your Laboratory Manual and identify the structures that are described by the following abbreviated statements. Post your brief responses in the threaded Discussion Area below.
a. Drains the stomach, pancreas, and spleen to the liver for detoxification
b. Two paired arteries serving the brain
c. Formed by the union of the radial and ulnar arteries
d. Drains head, neck, and upper extremities
e. What the external iliac artery becomes in the thigh
f. Join to form the inferior vena cava
g. Receives lymph from the circulation
h. Filtering clusters under the arm
i. Enlarged terminus of the thoracic duct
4. View the histology slides Figure 32.1 (a)and (b)in your Laboratory Manual and identify the microscopic structures indicated by a leader line, number, or bracket. In the threaded Discussion Area below, briefly describe the function of:
a. Figure 32.1 (a) artery and vein
b. Figure 32.1 (b) tunica media
c. Figure 32.1 (b) capillary network


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