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Impacts of Migration on People’s Health through the sense of place

Impacts of Migration on People’s Health through the sense of place

1500 words
Uses more than 15 credible appropriate sources.
Use of language – Use of appropriate sentence structure; punctuation; vocabulary choice; spelling and formatting NOTE: Third person use of language required.
Formatting requirements: black font, size 12, Arial or Calibri, margins approx. 2cm, 1.5 line spacing, pages numbered with authors name on each page. Word count included at end of essay. Headings acceptable but no dot points.
Referencing – Harvard Reference style applied correctly to assignment, including citing and listing references. Direct quotes must be identified as such by quotation marks and page numbers.
Assessment criterion to follow .
Topic of Assignment
Migration is a hot topic in Australian society at present but, the focus has been on numbers of migrants, with very little discussion about the migration e x p e r i e n c e . In this assignment I want you to put forward a case, based on academic evidence, that migration can have both positive and negative impacts on people’s health through their sense of place. Please focus on international migrants (non- refugee migrants). Your discussion must relate to migration i n t o Australia, however, you may wish to draw on some international references to highlight key points if necessary.
• Demonstrate the different dimensions of place, their influences on health and some of the theoretical perspectives underpinning these
• Demonstrate the placed –based influences on health in different contexts for different group of migrants
• Show by evidence-based written paper on the relationship between people ,health and place
• Essay should consist of an introduction where you set the scene (e.g. briefly describe your chosen migrant group) as well as outlining how you will address the essay topic and your working definition of sense of place, and health. In the body of the essay you need to go on to show how the migration of your chosen group affects their sense of place. This must be based on recent academic sources e.g. journal articles, book chapters and government websites published within the last 10 years (2006 onward). Then you should go on to argue how these effects on sense of place might impact on health. I don’t want you to directly link migration to health (e.g. refugees get better access to health care in Australia) your

discussion must involve how health is impacted through influences on sense of place. Essay should conclude by summing up major findings e.g. how migration in your chosen group impacts health through sense of place.
Please develop this essay in an evidence- based manner to create an argument. You are unlikely t o find papers that have been written that will provide you with all these arguments in one document. You need to construct them yourselves. Research for this essay may require you to look outside the standard health databases and journals that you are used to using e.g. into subject areas like geography, psychology and sociology. You may find the following journals useful,
� Health and Place
� Journal of Environmental Psychology � Environment and Behavior


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