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Improving Science and Math Education in the United States

Improving Science and Math Education in the United States
Project 5-Formal Research Recommendation Report
Final Draft-12-20 pages with graphics, (not counting cover, executive summary title page, table of contents, appendixes and Works Cited page). A minimum of 12 full pages of text without graphics is required
to pass.
3. 3 Outside sources minimum (often more are needed because you must also cite sources you take pictures or graphics from)
Assignment Guidelines: “Write a research report . . . [or a] feasibility report. . . . Whichever
form of communication you write, it must be designed to help some organization—real . . . —
solve some problem or achieve some goal, and you must write it in response to a request . . . from the organization you are addressing. . . . Students writing on real situations have prepared projects with such titles as
? ‘Feasibility of Using a Computer Database to Catalog the Art Department’s Slide Library.’ The student wrote this feasibility report at the request of the char of the Art
? ‘Attitudes of Participants in Merit Hotel’s R.S.V.P Club.’ The student wrote this empirical research report at the request of the hotel, which wanted to find ways of improving a marketing program that rewarded administrative assistants who booked their companies’ visitors at that hotel rather than at one of the hotel’s competitors.
? ‘Expanding the Dietetic Services at the Campus Health Center: A Proposal.’ The student wrote this proposal to the college administration at the request of the part-time dietitian employed by the Health Center.
? ‘Improving the Operations of the Gift Shop at Six Flags of Ohio.’? ‘Upgrading the Monitoring and Communication System in the Psychology Clinic.’


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