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Introduction to Professional Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing Statement Guidelines

NURS 3300: Introduction to Professional Nursing


As part of your Professional E-Portfolio, you will write your personal Philosophy of Nursing.  Since you are just beginning your nursing education, your philosophy will most likely be a short statement.  This is typically a one to two page document that describes your beliefs about the concepts within nursing.  For your beginning philosophy you will include two (2) concepts of your choosing (e.g., nursing, caring, compassion, health, illness, professionalism, etc.).


Questions that might guide your writing include:  “Why did I choose nursing as a career option?” or “What are my core values and beliefs about nursing?”  Your statement should be a minimum of one (1) page and no longer that two (2) pages in length.  This is a formal paper; therefore, the use of APA format is required to include spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.


This assignment is worth 100 points (10%) of your total course grade.  Please upload this assignment as a word document in the assignments tab for grading.


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