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Loneliness and Relationships

Loneliness and Relationships
1. Select a minimum of three (no more than five) different research reports on a relevant topic of interest in the field of psychology. Make sure to use scholarly sources in your bibliography (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, specific research studies reported in academic books, etc.). In addition, make sure that the sources are current (published within the last five years).
2. At the beginning of the Assignment, you should include a statement (one or two sentences) indicating what topic or concept connects the articles summarized. The research question or hypothesis that you are going to use for the research proposal would be an excellent thing to include here.
3. Start off each entry in the annotated bibliography with the full text citation for each study in boldface. Be sure to list the different sources in alphabetical order, as one would do in a references section for a paper.
4. Immediately after each full text citation, summarize the following details from the cited source:
• A brief description of the research questions and hypotheses
• The method and any criticisms the student has of the method
• The results
• The conclusions made by the authors and any concerns that the student may have regarding these conclusions
• A critical analysis of the quality and credibility of the study and author(s)
• How this study connects to or contrasts with other studies on this subject (especially those other articles in your annotated bibliography)
• An explanation of how this study will shed new light on the student’s topic
5. Make sure to provide enough details for the reader to get a clear sense of the study. Ideally, students will have two “paragraphs:” the first covering the first four bullet points above, the second covering the remaining three.
6. After the three to five articles have been listed and annotated, end the Assignment with a couple of paragraphs describing how the process of putting together an annotated bibliography helps researchers to develop quality research questions and hypotheses.


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