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Looking at the various personality theories you read, which one seems to “fit” or make the most sense to you?

Replying to classmate assignment (M5 Discussion 1)
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There are two choices for this question. Choose one question for your main post. Be sure to label which choice you selected in your main post. Please address all parts of the question in your main post. Besides your main post, you need to submit two or more replies to the main posts of classmates. You should post at least one reply to a classmate who answered the alternative question.

Choice 1
1.Looking at the various personality theories you read, which one seems to “fit” or make the most sense to you? Explain your reasoning?
2.Now use the Big 5 Trait theory to describe the individual internal qualities and preferences. You can include what motivates the person as well.
3.Now imagine using one of the other theories to describe your personality OR the personality of someone you know.
4.What are the limitations and disadvantges of using this theory to describe someone’s personality? Are there any advantages to this theory?
5.Compared to when you began this course, how much are personality qualities were “biologically fixed” and how much was shaped by the environment and experiences?
Choice 2

In 1995, Judith Rich Harris proposed that adolescents learn more from their peers than from their parents. She challenged one of the most deeply held beliefs in both our society and academic psychology – the assumption that “parents socialize children”.
1.Read Harris’s article :
2.You are advised to make some notes about pros and cons of the author’s argument
3.How convincing is Harris’ case? Why or why not?
4.Regardless of how convincing is Harris, what might be alternative explanations for her reasoning?
5.Cite facts and research from your readings about human development to back up your conclusions.


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