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Manipulative Skill Progression

Assignment Objectives:


  • Demonstrate professional communication in written form (ANMC competency 9 and 10).
  • Demonstrate academic and professional literacy skills by Synthesising knowledge of appropriate evidence-based nursing practice,


Literature Review: Submit via EASE

Scenario:The year is 2054.Generation X resident, Sir Bernard Fanning living at the My Happiness Country Club (Age 85yrs), deterioration in health over the past three months.


The year is 2054.


  • Music that the aged care setting is playing is irritating Bernard. Behaviour: Bernard is aggressive, agitated, refusing nutrition and has withdrawn from general activity.
  • The family have expressed concern with Bernard’s change of behaviour since moving into residential care.

What do we know?

  • Biographical data: Sir Bernard Fanning, DOB 1.6.69, aged 85y
  • Medical history: Healthy and active until stroke 12mths ago resulting in limited mobility, lost the ability to speak (aphasia).
  • Social:
    • Qualified primary school music teacher
    • Worked as a DJ in his 20’s for several years on weekends
    • Prior to the stroke, Sir Bernard regularly recalled memories related to his years as a DJ particularly meeting his wife at a gig at the age of 24

Medical Review: Psychologist review of Bernard recommended Music therapy relevant to his generation.

Assignment Task: (Assignment 1) 

Your assignment will be based on the below highlighted statement **

The Director of Nursing of the My Happiness Country Club has requested that you do a review of the literature to determine **“whether music therapy is a viable option to affect positive therapeutic change in aged care residents”.

You are required to provide the following for this literature review:

a) 150 word introduction (This must include the research problem)

b) 1200 word synthesis of knowledge from several sources that substantiate a logical argument. (Minimum of 4 major concepts) You must use a minimum of 10 articles in your reference list. You must have evidence of at least one qualitative research study and 1 quantitative research study.

c) 150 word conclusion (This must make recommendations for practice)


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