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Media Research Paper Week Four; analyze the roles of new technology

Your deliverable is a well-researched persuasive essay about mass communication. That means you must argue for or against a topic. You cannot write “about” the topic. You have to have a clear “for or against” thesis. Any topic other than the seven listed here  must be approved by the instructor and be equally timely and relevant to a discussion of mass communication.


  1. Convergence results in fewer rather than more sources of information, just more distribution channels.
  2. By being inundated with “sound bite” news, Americans are less well informed now than in previous decades.
  3. Media bias comes from the audience, which selects the sources to agree with its own views.
  4. If the Internet kills newspapers, it will kill its own information source.
  5. Citizen journalists — bloggers — will obviate traditional media reporters.
  6. Advertising should be deemed appropriate for family or adult viewing, and relegated to appropriate time periods.
  7. Television has a responsibility to portray minorities in proportion to their numbers in American society.
  8. Any other you choose and get approved in advance.

REQUIREMENTS [MLA  Format and Style]

  1. 1,200—1,500 words, plus cover and reference pages.
  2. Double-spaced using 12-point Arial or Times New Roman.
  3. You must use at least FIVE sources of which THREE must be sources other than web sites, and obtained from a library [physical or virtual]. They may not include our textbook or any consumer newspaper or magazine. Find a communications or media or psychology or medical journal. Web sources must be research groups or associations or well-respected media. Wikipedia,, and similar web sites are not acceptable.
  4. These sources cannot be more than five years old, and they must have an author.
  5. The sources used in the paper must be cited using   MLA style with in-text citations and a works cited.
  6. A cover page is necessary. It should contain the title of your essay, your name, the assignment name and the date submitted.
  • Use formal writing:
  • No personal pronouns such as “you” and “I” in any form.
  • No contractions are allowed in the paper.
  • No slang, colloquialisms, clichés or trite phrases.
  • Every paragraph is to have one and only one topic that supports your thesis.
  • Run spell and grammar check before submission.
  • Be sure to cite and reference every quote and every paraphrased passage. Failure to do so is plagiarism.
  • No more than 20% of the total words can be quotes or paraphrased material

This assignment will demonstrate your ability to demonstrate media fluency in your research, explain the application of the three market theory to your topic, analyze the roles of new technology, and define the role of various mediums in a media rich society.


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