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Pressure ulcer (decubitus) prevention program.

Paper instructions:
This assignment is nursing and healthcare related. I request that people with experience in the healthcare field and an idea about pressure ulcers to bid on this paper. I also need the writer to

communicate with me occasionally and inform me about the progress of the paper. I want the writer to start writing the paper as soon as possible and upload some of it, so I know how it goes.

This paper is for a Masters in nursing administration program. Please read the instructions below. The service area I picked is Pressure ulcer prevention program in a hospital.( also known as decubitus ulcer or bedsores) If the writer need any information while working on it please contact me.
Paper # 1 (25 points): Due 6/26/13, 1159: You are the director of your area. You have been assigned to explore the development of a new service for your area and need to submit a proposal

to the board. Identify a potentially viable service your organization could support. Develop a plan for external and internal analysis, and identification of competitive advantages. Submit a paper discussing this plan. Paper length=5 content pages with a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed references. See grading rubric.
Rubric for Paper #1, #2, and #3
Each paper counts for 25% of your total grade. The overall rubric criteria for grading each paper on 100 point scale includes:

Introduction (10 points): Briefly introduce the paper ending the introduction with a purpose statement. The purpose of this paper is to….).

Body of Paper (80 points): See table for components for each paper.
Rubric for Body
75-80 points: Addresses all required elements in sufficient depth using peer-reviewed references.
70-75 point: Addresses most required elements in sufficient depth using peer-reviewed references.
Less than 75 points: Misses elements and/or insufficient depth and inadequate references.
Notice that deductions from the body of the paper will be made when the content cannot be understood easily due to errors in grammar and construction of paper.

Note: Adding charts and graphs to illustrate points may improve clarity of your paper.

Body of Paper #1 Content:

1. Identifies potentially viable service.
2. Selects one method used in environment analysis and describes potential application to this service.
3. Describes the service category and determinants as related to this service.
4. Identifies a potential competitor through analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, and discusses
5. Identifies and explains one potential strength and one potential weakness in each of these categories:
service delivery, culture, and strategic resources.


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