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Research and identify what you consider to be the top 5, or most likely to occur, safety risks for residents of licensed nursing facilities/nursing homes.

HCA 353, Assignment 3:

Must be in 12 point, Times New Roman with 1” margins. Length should be approximately 3 pages double spaced (excluding your Title Page, Abstract page and References page). Follow all APA formatting requirements.

All questions must be responded to.

Assignment Overview:

“Healthcare facilities have had safety programs in place for many years. The purpose of these programs is to provide an environment in which hazards are eliminated or minimized for employees, staff, patients and visitors.” (Spath, 173)

Safety is a very broad and overwhelming topic when it comes to the healthcare environment. It is impossible to adequately cover all aspects in the limited time we have with this course.

With that said, assignments 2 and 3 are designed to help you gain a better understanding and knowledge of safety considerations in long term care settings, as well as a variety of perspectives to include that of a healthcare executive/manager.

This assignment covers:

Safety of patients/residents


Review the following links as a starting point for this assignment:

1) Very quickly skim through the Adverse Events in Skilled Nursing Facilities study released in February 2014 by the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This study found that 1 out of 3 individuals admitted to a nursing facility were harmed, to include infections and medication errors. Link:

*see pages 21 through 28 and 45 through 61 for lists of adverse events

2) Life Safety Code:

These websites allow you to review OSHA safety standards and recommendations for residents/patients throughout the United States.


Research and identify what you consider to be the top 5, or most likely to occur, safety risks for residents of licensed nursing facilities/nursing homes. Then answer the following in your paper:

A. Explain “why” you selected these 5 items.

B. Selecting at least one of these 5 items, provide a more detailed analysis.

a. Utilizing your sources (see below Section C), make recommendations and formulate a plan on how you, as a future healthcare manager/executive, will minimize this particular safety risk in your facilities.

b. What measures will you put in place? How will you monitor? How will you track and minimize risk?

c. What are some realistic expectations and outcomes?

d. Are there any “outside of the box” ideas that you have or visualize in the future (can be related to a new model of care, technology, equipment, staffing, etc.)

C. Research Component.

1. Find 2 full article sources on Google Scholar that discuss a topic relative to this assignment and your selected safety risk, such as elopement, falls, prolonged constipation, death, aspiration, excessive bleeding, medication errors, equipment malfunctions, life safety code and disaster preparedness plans, etc.

2. Utilize these articles within your paper, tying the information you found to your paper as you review and analyze and think critically about what you are reading and how that information could help you reduce these injuries and/or safety risks.

3. Cite both of these references at the end of your paper in proper APA format and be sure to reference each one at least once within your paper.

HCA 353 Assignment 3

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