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Paper instructions:
Print copy of database of resources found presented indexed in a notebook or binder This assignment requires that do some research on a disorder. A disorder called Schizophrenia. Your task is to find out any info as much as possible on this disorder as possible because your purpose as a medical professional is to be able to pull it from an organize database about this disorder and be able to help the patient.

Your topic is: Schizophrenia. You will determined the types of information/ resources most valuable for patient in a primary care or a specialty office medical office.

Compiled a list of resources useful for researching community services. Example: local association representing patients suffering from chronic diseases (e.g., National Kidney Foundation, American Heart Association); social service department; local clinics and hospitals; local public health department; nursing home association; local charities and church organization; community health and wellness services in the phone book; Websites.

Contacted the resources by telephone and search internet online to obtain the necessary information regarding services they offer. Obtain printed/ online information available.

Create a type written list of services available (using Microsoft, or Excel) Include the table of contents with page numbers, addresses, email addresses. Website (if available), phone number, and brief summary of services.

Have all resource indexed in a manner which information is easily retrieved for use in the medical office.

Present a completed database ti your instructor in an organize way.


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