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Supporting Your Quantitative Analyses

Supporting Your Quantitative Analyses

Two Assignments attached. Please separate files with sending back

Assignment #1 –

Supporting Your Quantitative Analyses
Based on your analyses thus far, you should be comfortable with the data and the findings related to your dataset. Find a theory that will help explain your findings. Use at least one peer-reviewed academic article to support your theory selection and to explain the findings from your data analysis.

A good place to look for these articles is the Capella Library. Refer back to the theories and journals listed in Unit 1’s Theory Selection assignment to assist in selecting a relevant theory for your project data analysis. Your discussion post should conform to APA 6th edition guidelines.
American Behavioral Scientist.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
American Journal of Public Health.
American Journal of Sociology.
American Review of Public Administration.
Annals of Family Medicine.
Child Development.
Criminal Justice.
Criminology and Public Policy.
Decision Sciences.
Ethnicity and Health.
Information Systems Journal.
International Journal of Nursing Studies.
Journal of Advanced Nursing.
Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
Journal of Marriage and the Family.
Journal of Management.
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
Journal of Research on Adolescence.
Justice Quarterly.
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.
Psychology, Public Policy, and Law.
Qualitative Health Research.
Quality of Life Research.
Social Work.
Social Work Research.
Strategic Management Journal.
Violence and Victims.
Research Philosophy, Theory, and Quantitative Analysis
Assignment # 2 Now that you have analyzed the dataset using descriptive statistics, correlation, means analysis, and regression analysis, you should be familiar with the data and what it means to the larger body of knowledge in your topic. For this discussion, complete the following:

Present your research philosophy using all four assumptions (ontological, axiological, epistemological, and methodological).
Discuss and analyze the theory you selected for your topic in Unit 7 and discuss how your data analysis supports the assumptions and theoretical framework and extends the knowledge about this topic.
Select at least one additional peer-reviewed article on the topic to support your perspective.
Your discussion should conform to APA 6th edition guidelines.


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