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Transitioning From a Task Focus to Knowledge Work

Consider the fact that nurses are knowledge workers; how does nursing move from a task-completion focus to an outcomes-achievement focus?

Throughout our daily lives and in our places of work, many individuals become accustomed to completing tasks, and their actions become solely task oriented. As nurses, we have a task oriented focus in the workplace.  However, we also have acquired a great deal of knowledge and wisdom from which we reflect upon to provide focus and provide care for our patients.  The second discussion question this week asks you to assume that nurses are knowledge workers. What is a knowledge worker? Well in essence, it is someone who converts information to knowledge and then acts on that knowledge. How does nursing move from this task-completion focus to an outcomes-achievement focus?Nursing’s focus is clearly directed towards positive patient outcomes being achieved.  How do we, as nurses, move from a task completion focus to an outcomes achievement focus? Please include your own personal experiences.

Our discussion in this thread contributes to this course outcome:


Explore various nurse roles, competencies, and skills in informatics. (POs 2, 11)

Key Concepts

  • The work of nurses/roles
  • Knowledge work
  • Informatics competencies for the master’s-prepared nurse
  • Role expectations
  • Strategies to develop/improve informatics competencies

As you write your posts, please remember to include evidence based research, scholarly evidence, or a citation from your textbook.

I am looking forward to our discussions


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