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What are the components of a successful diabetes care team?

Discussion Prompt #2

• Watch the following video series to reference in your discussion.
Diabetes in Clinical Practice
1. Components of a diabetes team 4:13
2. Overview of the diabetes team 3:49
3. Screening test 1:17
4. Assisting patients with self-management 1:35
5. Foot inspection 0:49
6. Glycemic emergencies 2:01
7. Hypertension 0:35
8. Identifying undiagnosed patients 2:33
9. Monitoring diagnosed patients 3:40
10. Nutrition 2:58
11. Patient education 2:26
If you are using the Firefox browser and experiencing difficulty loading any of these videos, update your Flash player using this link You may also change your browser to Chrome to view.

Watch Video: treatment (video).

1.What are the components of a successful diabetes care team?
2. Is this something that is practiced where you currently work?
3. Of the best practices shared in this week’s video clips, which do you think is most important?
4. How would you incorporate this into your practice?


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