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What are the health and nutrition concerns for this population?

Identify a vulnerable population to study (see table below).
Write a paper about the identified vulnerable population that addresses the following:
o Why is this a population vulnerable?

o What are the health disparities present in this vulnerable population?

What are the health and nutrition concerns for this population?
Include specific nutrients of concern and explain.
Include data from and other credible sources and scholarly articles.
o What are some possible disordered eating patterns for this population?

Discuss the accompanying determinants.
Write a clear and concise Problem, Etiology, Signs/Symptoms (PES) statement
o Identify 3 to 5 nutrition education topics that could be used in the design of a nutrition intervention for this population that addresses the PES statement.

Describe and give examples (grounded in scholarly articles) of the cultural knowledge you would incorporate into your nutrition education intervention.
o Considering the Food and Nutrition Programs available in the U.S., discuss at least two programs that may benefit this population.

For each program, explain the benefits offered and eligibility criteria.
o Identify the gaps in knowledge as it relates to this vulnerable population and the nutrition issue(s) addressed in this paper.


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