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What are your current/emerging thoughts and feelings about your community/setting?

LEARN format
Written praxis notes can follow the LEARN format (Look back –Elaborate –Analyze –Revise -New Application of Learning).


Look Back
Describe how you were able to accomplish your learning goals, which are:
Personal Learning Goal #1
To increase my knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a community health nurse (CHN) and demonstrate the CHN role in a professional manner by
Being an integral member of the school with my health knowledge and promotion of community health. I will demonstrate this goal in exercising the CHNC standards of Professional Accountability and Responsibility and Professional Relationships.
-To view community as partner in order to apply important nursing and health promotion strategies.
Personal Learning Goal #2
To develop skills in conducting a community health assessment and integrating this knowledge into my CHN practice by Understanding the health status of the community so this may help meeting the community’s health needs in the future. I will demonstrate this goal by utilizing the CHNC standards of Building Relationships and Capacity Building.
-To consult with the community in order to determine their health and wellness by utilizing principles of connecting and caring. As well as building relationship with clients, stakeholders.
Describe how you were able to build relationships with the special needs children and staffs of the centre.

Elaborate and Analysis:
• Discuss what has changed for you from your engagement with your community of special needs children.

• What are your current/emerging thoughts and feelings about your community/setting? (Special needs children).

• What is the significance of my learning?
• What are the consequences for my nursing practice – will my practice change or will it stay the same?

New Application of Learning
• What am I going to do differently or the same?
• How am I going to apply what I know now to my nursing practice?


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