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What determine the credibility of a study finding, SR conclusion ,or EbCPG recommendation?

Use textbook to answer these questions: (Third Edition Evidence-Based NURSING The research practice connection Sara Jo Brown)

From chapter 11
1) Name 3 triggers for EBP projects
2) What kind of clinical questions are not answerable by evidence, particularly research evidence?
3) Explain what each of the letters in the PICOTS acronym stand for
From chapter 13
4) What determine the credibility of a study finding, SR conclusion ,or EbCPG recommendation?
5) What woulf make the recommendation of an EbCPG, the conclusion, of an SR, or the findings of a study clinically significant?
6) Name three issues that are considered when evaluating applicability.
1. A 45 year old man with a family history of hypertension but who is not obese ask you whether daily brisk walks of one mile would help reduce his moderately elevated blood pressure.
You are not certain and decide to look for research evidence about this issue.. Put this into PICOTS format to focus your search.
2)You are working in a visiting nurses association and a woman who is receiving outpatient chemotherapy for chronic lymphocitic leukemia says that she doesn’t like the side effects she experiences with the drug she is taking to control nausea. She has heard that taking ginger can without side effect and wants to know what you think about that. You ask your supervisor but she isn’t sure either, but says that several other nurses have asked her about. She raises the issue in the staff meeting and the decision is made to develop an informational sheet for patient considering taking to control nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy.. You and two other nurses volunteer to look at the research evidence and develop a protocol draft. Put this clinical question in PICOTS format so you could look for research evidence about to use as a basis for the information sheet.


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