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What is herd morality?

1.What is meant by modernity? What was Nietzsche’s view of modernity? Explain.

2.What is the will to power? What role does it play in Nietzsche’s critique of modernity?

3.What does Nietzsche mean when he accuses modern Western culture of being moralistic? What is a reaction formation? How are the concepts of being moralistic and reaction formation related?

4.What is amor fati? How does it relate to Nietzsche’s overall philosophy? Explain.

5.What is herd morality? What produces it? What stands against it? Which do you prefer, herd morality or the morality that opposes it? Explain.

Some philosophers claim that all philosophy is a form of autobiography. By that they mean that all philosophy–and indeed all thinking and perceiving–expresses and reflects uniquely personal qualities of the philosopher. In your opinion, do the life circumstances of philosophers help us evaluate their writings? Do you think autobiographical considerations are significant? Insignificant? Discuss and explain. (page 461)
Do you think that the presence of a perspective makes a neutral stance impossible? What do you think neutral means in this kind of case? Does it mean perspectiveless? If it means something else, what else? Are perspectives the same things as biases? Discuss and explain. (page 462)
Do you think todays “marketplace” mentality discourages excellence in individuals? Using specific examples, discuss why or why not. (page 474)
As you might expect, Nietzsche’s characterization of slave morality was and remains controversial. Do you think it is dangerous? Is it unfair to expect most people not to have some ressentiment? Is today’s tendency to see many people as “victims” a reflection of slave morality? (page 476)


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