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What may cultural factors have contributed to her hypertension? And why?

1) Donna White a 59 years old African American woman presents to her clinic for a physical examination. Physical examination reveal that she is 5' 4″ tall and weighs 278lbs, blood pressure160/96 and total cholesterol of 297.

a)What may cultural factors have contributed to her hypertension? And why?

b)What may environmental factors have contributed to her obesity? and why?

2) Mrs. Cheng brought her 4-year-old son, Justin, to the emergency department because of high fever for 4 days. She mentioned that she gave her son some herbal medicine that her mother-in-law prepared, but it was ineffective. The ARNP in the ED diagnosed the child with a pulmonary infection and prescribed liquid antibiotic.

a) From a traditional Chinese medical perspective, how might the nurse incorporate Western medical prescription while respecting Mrs. Cheng's family, who wishes to continue Chinese herbal treatments?
b) Describe from the traditional Chinese individual the ideal health-care provider. Describe your own opinions.
3) Fourteen-years-old Lydia Shultz is 2 months pregnant. She is being see in the health-care provider's office and is accompanied by her mother and grandmother. Both her mother and grandmother occasionally weep as they wait in the office with Lydia. They tell of their disbelief that Lydia is pregnant at 14 and how embarrassed they are. They ask for names of homes for unwed mothers.

a)Discuss the impact of teenage pregnancy on this German American family

b)Understanding the German American family culture, how can this family be helped through this life crises?

4) In your opinion what do nurses need to understand about Jew's relationship with God and view of death?

5) In your opinion what are some Health-Seeking Beliefs and Behaviors that a Vietnamese patient have that would interfere with western medicine. Explain your view point


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