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What takes precedence for you as an individual — individual ethics or societal ethics?

Please be in-depth with your answers — notice the number of points available for each question. These points are indicative of how involved of a response I require for full credit (this denotes not only amount of writing but quality of that writing).
Question 1: Give an example of a product that matches each type of quality and explain why you chose it:
Then discuss which of the types of quality we discussed in class most affect healthcare purchases and why?

Question 2: Hoshin planning uses a process called: ___ ___ ___
Do you think Hoshin planning would be effective for hospital management? Why or why not?

Question 3: What is the most important role of the marketer in health care? Why?

Question 4: Pick a productivity tool from pgs 330-335. Describe how it would be used by a healthcare administrator. Would you find it useful?

Question 5: Describe one product that is a “dog” and one product that is a “cash cow”– why would you consider them that way?

Question 6: In your opinion, which of these CQI components is most important to the customer being served? What about to the company itself? Why?

Question 7: Deming says “Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force asking for zero defects and new levels of productivity.” Do you agree? Why or why not?

Question 8: Using the Alternative Value State chart — compare competitors within a specific industry. List their places on the chart (all 9 places) and contrast them briefly (i.e. fast food, supermarkets, etc)

Question 9: Complete Case Study 10.1, Questions 1-3

Question 10: You’re standing on a bridge beside a stranger, watching a large bus careen out of control towards five people. The only way to stop the bus would be to push the stranger off the bridge thereby changing the direction of the bus. What would you do and why? Discuss the ethical theory that led to your decision.

Question 11: A new country is being formed, and you are in charge of deciding how individuals will receive healthcare. Who do you side with – Rawls or Nozick? How would you set up the basic structure of care. Also discuss why you chose that individual theory.

Question 12: Let’s say I want to give you an additional reaction paper to be done during finals week for this class. Using Vroom’s Expectancy Theory specifically discuss how successful/motivated/etc. you would be in completing this assignment.

Question 13: Using the Blake-McCanse Leadership Grid (concern for people and production), discuss what type of management you most prefer working for? After that, discuss what kind of manager you would like to be in a future (or current) administrative role.

Question 14: Discuss a “basic communication” situation – describe a message you sent, its encoding and decoding, the result, and any feedback that was presented (and any changes that were made in future messages sent).

Question 15: It’s 2:00 am, and your job as the head of a rural ICU (250 miles from any other healthcare facilities) has been taxing in your first month. You currently have three patients in three beds with no renovations planned for the next fiscal year. Suddenly, the phone rings. There has been a three-car pileup on a local two-lane freeway and they are sending a patient in critical condition to your facility. The patient is a 22 year old honor student, engaged, who is 3 months pregnant. Your three other patients are as follows:
1 – 68 year old female, former school teacher, widowed with no children, one brother who lives out of state. Currently in ICU with a stroke-induced coma.
2 – A 28-month old child recovering from a third bout with infant leukemia, prognosis uncertain. Parents have refused all future treatments for the child and are awaiting approval for palliative care.
3 – Local coal miner, age 45, wife and 6 children. Currently on an experimental treatment for pneumoconiosis. Drifts in and out of consciousness.
The new patient will die without immediate treatment. You are too far from any other facility to make a decision without likely death to one of the four people. So….first, discuss what decision you will make. Second, discuss the ethical theories you used to make your decision.
Question 16: For part of this class, we discussed basic ethical principles (non-maleficence, justice, fiduciary duty, etc.) which should be guaranteed to each individual. However, we also discussed the need to make ethical decisions based on utilizing scarce resources for the benefit of the greater societal good. What takes precedence for you as a healthcare manager – individual ethics or societal ethics? What takes precedence for you as an individual — individual ethics or societal ethics? Is there a discrepancy? If so, how do you resolve that in your own mind, and, in general, how would you act on it?

Question 17: Two important points involved in quality surround “are we doing things right” and “are we doing the right things”. In your estimation (using examples where necessary), how do you think our health care/health care system is doing with the answers to those two questions?

Question 18: the iceberg in Crosby’s model and list a few of both hidden costs and visible costs. Bring your iceberg to class if you prefer?

Question 19: The book lists a number of other situations which involve ethics (euthanasia, right to die, abortion, etc). Choose one and discuss if you agree or disagree with the topic and what ethical theory you use to back up/validate/justify your response.

Question 20: Match the category of product to its definition:
A. Large growth, substantial profits, and large market share. Require large amounts of cash to fund growth ___ ___ ___.
B. Profitable products that generate more cash than needed. Huge market share ___ ___.
C. Operate at cost disadvantage. Non-growth market. Most products are here ___ ___.
D. Rapid growth but horrible profit margins (i.e. low low low market share) ___ ___.


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