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Where are the jobs in each of these fields located physically? Are they all in California or all in the DC area or are they available pretty much everywhere?

This assignment is to conduct and produce a research project.

Choose a corporate job field that interests you. Maybe it’s marketing, maybe it’s information management, maybe it’s finance and accounting. It could be any of these, but it should be an area you’re considering as a career move. Choose three sub-fields in that area that interest you. If you’re an information systems person, maybe choose cyber-security, game design, and IT networks. Or, you could simply look into three disparate fields that people with degrees like yours go into: a psychology degree could lead you to market research, clinical psychology, or education. Now begin your research.
Dig into these areas to determine some of the following:
• Where are the jobs in each of these fields located physically? Are they all in California or all in the DC area or are they available pretty much everywhere?
• Which corporations or government bodies are hiring? Is this area dominated by one or two corporations or government entities or are there a plethora of companies you could join?
• Who are they hiring? What special skills or background does one need to get hired; are there demographic anomalies—i.e., almost all men or almost no African-Americans?
• What are the average starting salaries?
• Is there an advantage to being a veteran in any of these sub-fields? Are any of the big employers in these fields listed as being “best for vets?”
The principal reason managers have staff members conduct research and write reports like this is to come up with a recommendation. So you’ll also need to make a recommendation in this report. The idea here is to determine (at least theoretically) which course of action would be best for you. So you’ll have to do the research, draft the report, and determine —based on the criteria YOU set— which of these sub-fields makes the most sense for you. You should have at least four criteria. They can be as personal and subjective as you want them to be. You might consider:
• Location: Is it close to home and family, or in a place you’ve always wanted to live? Or is it in a place you can’t imagine living or is too expensive?
• Which of these fields offers the highest starting salary? Are there performance bonuses or is the standard remuneration package set (like in a government job)?
• Are there benefits packages that attract you: for example do employers offer college debt repayment plans?
• Can you get a security clearance through the employer, or does your current clearance give you a leg up?
• Is there travel involved? Is this a good or a bad thing?
• What else matters to you? Prestige? Service to country?
With these questions, you can create a matrix to visually represent your decision making process. You can weight some criteria as more or less important than others and then grade the fields or jobs subjectively for each of these criteria to come up with a course of action recommendation.


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