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Why is it important to understand how and why weather may affect mood?

Assignment 2 – 2,000 words
In the second assignment you will write an Essay that critically reviews the research that relates to the topic. You should incorporate the feedback you receive on Assignment 1 when writing your essay for Assignment 2. Further instructions for completing this assignment are provided in the section on this handout titled Requirements and Grading Guide for Assignment 2.
Assignment 2 – Essential details
• Due 11.59pm Monday Week 10 (1st May)
• Submission is electronic. A single file must be submitted through Blackboard using Turnitin.
• The report must be 2,000 words maximum.
o Word count does not include title page or reference list.
o Penalties may be applied for exceeding the word limit – words significantly beyond the limit will not receive marks.
• The submission must be presented in APA style (6th edition).
• The Assignment is worth 35% of your final PSY10003 mark.
• Late Penalty: 10% per day. Submissions more than 5 days late will receive zero marks.

Requirements and Grading Guide – Assignment 2
In this assignment you will write an essay that discusses the research literature on if, how, and why weather affects mood. In the essay you will refer to the four articles included in your Annotated Bibliography, as well as any others you think would make a useful contribution to your essay. You should incorporate the feedback you received on Assignment 1 into your essay, particularly the feedback on APA 6th style of referencing, the relevance and credibility of your references, and any feedback on the annotations associated with each reference. A video containing instructions on how to write a critical review essay has been provided for you on Blackboard. Examples of essays from previous study periods have also been provided on Blackboard.
The Assignment 2 submission must contain the following components. For further grading information see the Marking Rubric for Assignment 2 on page 6.

1. Assignment Title Page – Mandatory
The title page should include the title of the assignment, your name, your tutor’s name, and the assignment due date (see page 54 in the Findlay writing psychology book for an example of what your cover sheet should look like). You also MUST include the following statement acknowledging your understanding of the University’s assessment policy and procedures:
“I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration.”

2. Introduction
The introductory paragraph should broadly outline the topic that will be discussed, explain why it is an important issue, and provide some idea of what you will discuss and/or argue in the essay.
3. Body
The body of the essay should define key concepts, as well as describe and evaluate the research literature that is relevant to the topic. This is similar to what you did in Assignment 1, however this time you will need to work the research literature into a logical narrative that helps you to present your perspective on the topic in a coherent manner. Some questions to help guide you (not presented in order of importance):
• What is mood and how is it measured?
• How is weather thought to affect mood?
• Why is it important to understand how and why weather may affect mood?
• Why do some studies find there is a relationship between weather and mood and others do not?
• On the balance of current evidence, how and why do you think weather affects mood?

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